Behavioral Health Strategies, Inc. has two separate but closely related practice areas:

Interim Management Services and Consultation Services.



     Behavioral Health Strategies, Inc. specializes in providing interim senior management for the Behavioral Health Industry. Either through a planned or unanticipated event, a behavioral health organization can experience a leadership vacuum which can affect its day-to-day functioning and viability. During periods of leadership interruption, transition or crisis, Behavioral Health Strategies provides experienced, value-based, high-level leadership for as long as required. Experience extends to all aspects of behavioral health operations, including governance, management structure, system design, day-to-day operations, financial management, managed care, clinical protocols, quality assurance, staff morale problems, and larger system issues. Expert interim management is especially useful in maintaining an organizationís operations without interruption to avoid rushing the process of finding a permanent executive. The interim period can be used to build strength into the organization with a seasoned interim manager who will evaluate all existing programs and operations in depth, make needed transitional changes if requested and assist in hiring a topnotch permanent manager.

Consider the following:

∑    The use of Interim Management is becoming more and more prevalent during periods of leadership transition, or in turnaround or recovery situations.

    Interim management through Behavioral Health Strategies provides a dual benefit:providing an experienced executive to maintain continuity, as well as the benefit of an expert management consultant, but at lower cost.

    Interim Management prevents loss of momentum in the highly competitive, regulated environment of behavioral health care during the often lengthy period of recruiting a permanent senior executive.

    Outside Interim Management avoids the loss of management capacity through an internal interim appointment and allows for greater objectivity in making the permanent appointment.

    Operating with board-level sanction, an interim manager is able to capitalize on the transition period in effecting needed changes within the organization.

    Behavioral Health Strategies, Inc. focuses exclusively on meeting the unique interim management needs of the Behavioral Health Industry.

    Behavioral Health Strategies is committed to speed, experience, knowledge of best practice, objectivity, and accountability.

    Behavioral Health Strategies provides interim management support to behavioral health organizations in all practice settings: Community Mental Health Centers, Inpatient Care, Managed Care Organizations, etc., both private and public.

    Positions include CEO, COO, Executive Director, Inpatient Unit Director, and Project Management.



     Behavioral Health organizations are faced with many financial, clinical, and management challenges in the highly competitive and increasingly regulated environment in which they operate. Each organization naturally faces its own unique problems and challenges. What is needed is an individualized yet best practice-based understanding of the problem or situation and a clear, detailed pathway to the solution. Behavioral Health Strategies, Inc. offers both a process and an outcome-driven approach to assessing a Behavioral Health Organization and providing clear recommendations and action plans for moving forward. Attention is devoted to the vital aspects of the organization: mission, governance, management structure, clinical operations, cash flow and financial management, quality assurance, consumer satisfaction, and relationships with stakeholders. Behavioral Health Strategies works with management, relevant governmental agencies, managed care organizations, and consumer and community groups to determine the outcome requirements for the organization and to develop methods to monitor performance and ensure continued accountability. Consultation can be tailored to assess discrete aspects of the operation such as management structure or quality assurance, or to assess the system as a whole.

     Behavioral Health Strategies is experienced in managing unstable or crisis situations that may be associated with cash flow tightening, poor performance, regulatory and funding agency problems, and staff morale issues. In crisis management situations, Behavioral Health Strategies will assist in assessing and quickly stabilizing the situation, identifying root problems, reestablishing credibility with constituents and funding sources, and, most importantly, in developing a solid recovery plan. This of course includes negotiations with critical parties to ensure the plan is implemented.

     In all consultations Behavioral Health Strategies understands the unique forces operating within todayís behavioral health environment. We are able to use our values and experience to provide an objective outside assessment and calm reassuring approach that will result in a successful outcome for all parties. The consultation services provided by Behavioral Health Strategies are problem and solution focused, can be concluded promptly, and are cost effective.