Expert Witness
Consultation and Testimony

for the Legal Profession
in the Areas of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities


Expert Witness work includes but is not limited to reviewing documents and deposition transcripts, research, analysis, conferences with attorneys and others, affidavits, disclosures, report writing and testifying.

Dr. Berberick has been retained as an Expert Witness in the following jurisdictions: New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Utah, Wyoming, New Jersey, West Virginia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Louisiana, California, and Mississippi.

Cases have involved sexual assault, wrongful death, abuse and neglect, wrongful termination of employment, improper use of restraints, and other standards of care issues. He has been retained as an expert on many group home and psychiatric hospital cases.

Expert Witness Cases

The following is a partial listing of cases for which Dr. Berberick has served as an Expert Witness:

  1. Participated in the investigation of a large national organization serving developmentally disabled individuals. Retained by a State Attorney General’s Office to make recommendations concerning this agency in which there was widespread abuse and several deaths.
  2. Developmentally disabled resident in a group home severely injured by another resident (plaintiff case).
  3. Injury of an employee by a patient on a psychiatric inpatient unit (defense case).
  4. Serious injury of a teacher in a prison setting by an inmate who had serious psychiatric problems (plaintiff case).
  5. Injury of a spectator at a baseball game involving players who were developmentally disabled. Individual hit by a client throwing a rock (defense case).
  6. Sexual assault of a resident in a group home by another resident (plaintiff case).
  7. Death of a developmentally disabled individual in a state hospital while being restrained (plaintiff case).
  8. Serious injury of a psychiatric patient while being placed into restraints in a psychiatric hospital (plaintiff case).
  9. Sexual assault of a teenaged developmentally disabled individual by another resident in a court-supervised residential care setting (defense case).
  10. Suicide of a psychiatric patient receiving outpatient treatment (plaintiff case).
  11. Death of a psychiatric patient with multiple medical problems while living in a group home (defense case).
  12. Serious injury of a developmentally disabled individual while falling down stairs of a group residence (defense case).
  13. Death of a psychiatric patient living in his own apartment without proper follow-up (plaintiff case).
  14. Allegations of multiple injuries and abuse by staff of a developmentally disabled individual in a group home setting (defense case).
  15. Death of an individual living in a group home as the result of fire (defense case).
  16. Lack of medical care for a self-inflicted eye injury of a developmentally disabled person resulting in blindness (plaintiff case).
  17. An employee of a group home repeatedly assaulted by a resident (plaintiff case).
  18. Death of a developmentally disabled person with a severe grand mal seizure disorder as a result of over-medication (plaintiff case).
  19. Improper dismissal of a Master’s level clinician (defense case).
  20. Sexual assault of a female patient by a male patient on an inpatient psychiatric unit (plaintiff case).
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Areas of Expertise
  • Inpatient psychiatric care
  • Group homes – both in mental health and developmental disabilities
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Seclusion and restraint
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical and verbal abuse, neglect, and other forms of substandard treatment
  • Emergency services
  • Wrongful death
  • Managed care and HMOs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Accreditation and licensure standards
  • Standards of care
  • Finances and fiscal management
  • Suicide
  • Vocational services
  • Day programs and social clubs
  • Community mental health